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Our Report Summary DDID

InspecTek is not an "alarmist" inspection service. That is why we use the formula DDID put into law in North Carolina to ensure proper reporting and reduce confusion with potential home buyers or sellers. DDID is our summary of the inspection.

              Our goal is to inform and educate, not to alarm.

      DDID Report Formula

  • Describe- describe the component or system of concern. Give any pertinent information and location.

  • Determine- What's wrong with it? What is the malfunction, failure or performance deficiency?

  • Implication- What can happen if not addressed?

  • Direction- What should be done? Should it be repaired? Should further investigation be performed by a licensed professional? or Should it be monitored over time to see if repairs or replace are needed?


Virtual 3D Tour

Virtual Tour For Busy Real Estate Agents

We know how busy you can get with clients and we would like to offer our services in grabbing those 3D virtual tours for you. Each virtual tour includes 2D plans and 3D dollhouse and of course virtual staging is an option as well. We also offer creating a virtual tour for your clients during a home inspection at discounted rates. In addition to virtual tours, we offer Hover 3D spec reports for the exterior of the home.


FREE For Your Clients With Pro-InspecTek

In addition to a thorough and professional building inspection report your clients will receive an option for a free certified home energy score and water quality test.

Free Department of Energy (Better Buildings)- Home Energy Score

Your clients will have the option to receive a free home energy score report for a certified home energy score assessor. This is a $125.00 add-on option this is absolutely free for your clients.

Free water quality testing 17 parameters

Your clients will have the option to receive a free 17 parameter water quality test of the drinkable water. including, total hardness, Lead, Copper, Iron, pH, Fluoride, Nitrates and Nitrites. This is a $40.00 add-on and free for your clients if they choose.


Free Arello and IDECC approve education courses

Pro-InspecTek LLC is proud to partner with real estate professionals and Internachi with free online continuing education courses. These are ARELLO and IDECC approved continuing education courses for real estate professionals. Click on any link and create an account by putting in our I.D. #NACHI20092716 and your course will be ready to go.

Click To Download Green Mortgage Flyer 

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Home Energy Score 3 Hour Elective Continuing Education Course For Real Estate professionals

The Home Energy Score is a national rating system developed by the U.S. Department of Energy. The Score reflects the energy efficiency of a home based on the home's structure and heating, cooling, and hot water systems. The Home Facts provide details about the current structure and systems. Recommendations show how to improve the energy efficiency of the home to achieve a higher score and save money.

Saving Home Energy 3 Hour Elective Continuing Education Course for Real Estate Professionals

Home energy efficiency is often dominated by discussions about cooling and heating, which account for about 48% of energy costs in the average home. However, when your air has too much moisture, your home may feel warmer than the actual air temperature. Any discussion of energy efficiency, especially in a humid climate, must take moisture control into account.

Home Energy Efficiency 6 Hour Elective Continuing Education Course For Real Estate professionals

The annual energy bill for a typical single family home is $2,060, so factoring in energy efficiency aspects as you prepare to move can help you make informed decisions to meet your energy needs. Beyond the standard walk-through and home inspection report, a Home Energy Score and a home energy audit will give you a more complete and credible picture of a home’s energy use. 


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