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Professional Contractors and InspecTek LLC Partnership

We are your eyes when you can not be present. We partner with you to ensure that your standards are being followed when you are not present. We are your partners in the field and abide my your companies and the industries strict standards of practice.

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OSHA Work-Site Hazard Analysis and Lead Assessment Reporting

OSHA Work-Site Hazard Evaluation, Lead Assessment and Compliance Reporting. All reporting is certified by a certified EPA or OSHA assessor.

Job-site inspection for safety compliance and lead safe practice compliance. Job-site pre-work for 1099 sub-contractor safety reporting or in-house construction crew.

  • Can be done on OSHA/EPA standardized document or your companies preferred document and Logo.

  • Reporting will be completed on the job-site.

  • Photos will be up-loaded via Company-cam and emailed

  • Documents for record keeping 

Residential Compliance Phase Report

On-site code compliance and Phase Inspection reporting. Inspections performed by a verifiable ICC Certified Residential Building Inspector.

Best service for builders or contractors that cannot be present to evaluate themselves and want a detailed Phase Report. 

  • Reporting will be completed on the job-site.

  • Reporting can be up-loaded with-in 24 hrs.

  • Detailed photos will be up-loaded via Companycam and emailed directly to you.

  • Code reference if in non-compliance

  • Reinspection if needed.

  • Can contract phases separately and when needed.

Pro-MeasureTek Exteriors

Professional and Accurate Re-Measures or Initial Measures for Exterior Projects

Pro-MeasureTek's are able to accurately do initial measure and re-measures for contracted exterior projects. Includes: siding, roof, fence, decks, windows, doors, gutters, insulation and property measurements. 

  •  Property can be viewed via drone, if requested.

  • Measures can be done via Hover, if requested.

  • Measures can be done with your company measure sheets and branding or our measure sheets.​

  • Detailed photos through CompanyCam

  • Identify potential installation issues (rot, hazards and water intrusion)


Independent sampling and testing Services

We offer a certified third party inspection and sampling service to our Professional contractor community. We understand a contractors need for urgency, precision and professionalism when it comes to gathering hazard samples, sending in for lab results and the timely return of detailed reporting.

Pro-InspecTek has a strict code of conduct and abides by our industries strict standards of practice.

We provide our clients with a full detailed lab report, inspection report and recommendation report. 

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Residential Asbestos Bulk Sampling and Lab results. Full home report.

Certified (ABI) Asbestos Building Inspector
Bulk sample and lab reports through EMSL Labs. Bulk sampling of all homogenous materials with a halt on first positive. Pro-InspecTek follows the 3,5,7 rule when it comes to sampling gathering. The client will have a full report on lab results, areas of concern, and photographs.

Air-O-Cell mold air sampling inspection and clearance

Certified CRMI mold inspection, air-o-cell air sampling and clearance testing.
Third party inspection to put your clients at ease. Pro-InspecTek follows the 3,5,7 rule in air sampling with one out door sample sent to the lab. We provide photos and details for areas of concern for the client. Remediation reccomendation will be provided if client request a mold inspection and air sampling.

Third Party IAQ and Radon Testing

Certified IAC2 Indoor air testing, reporting and documenting. 
Testing for:
Co2, Formaldehyde, Particulates, PM 2.5, PM 10, Air-o-Cell for mold, and combustible gases.
Independent clearance testing by a certified IAC2 and CRMI Inspector, for your clients piece of mind.
Radon testing is also available for those contractors that want an independent confirmation.


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Professional home inspection, building inspection and property inspection for Mid-Missouri, Lake of the Ozarks, Jefferson City, Eldon, Rolla, Columbia, Osage Beach, Camdenton and Lebanon Missouri

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