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Healthy in-door air Package

Your everyday health can be directly related in-door air quality and this is why Pro-InspecTek offers certified In-door quality testing. Our healthy indoor air package includes: radon testing, mold air sampling, mold inspection, moisture inspection (thermal imaging), Co2 testing, water analysis, particulates testing (dust), formaldehyde testing and known hazardous materials evaluation, such as Asbestos and lead paint. We can provide you with the information you need to help make your indoor air and environment healthy.

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Mold inspection, air sampling and isolated sampling for homeowners

We are a professional residential mold inspection and sampling company. We offer full inspection reports, lab reports and recommendations for our clients. All mold inspections are performed by a certified CRMI (Certified Residential Mold Inspector).

48 Hour Radon short test

We offer radon short tests for real estate transaction, pre-listing and homeowners who want a certified professional inspection. We use new technology that allow for a more detailed report for the 48 hour radon testing. All radon measurements are performed by a certified RMT (Radon Measure Tech).

Carbon Monoxide Testing

We offer Carbon Monoxide inspection, reporting and recommendations, among other air particulates to help you identify if mitigation is necessary to improve your home healthy air quality.


Hazardous Materials inspection and water analysis

Hazardous materials and water analysis are part of our Healthy air Inspection

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IAQ Testing Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality Testing. IAQ tests for levels of Co2, CO, HCHO (formaldehyde), PM2.5 (dust and spores), PM10, relative humidity, combustible gases and particulates in the air to help you recognize possible health issues that are in your air.
Test results and recommendation report included to help you make informed decision when it comes to your homes health..

Asbestos Inspection and sampling

Do you suspect asbestos? Want to know if that material is asbestos or want to have your home inspected for asbestos? Then we are the inspection company for you. We offer affordable asbestos inspection and sampling reports for our clients.
All inspection and sampling done by a certified ABI asbestos building inspector.

City and Well Water Lab Analysis

This isn't your dip stick testing service. Our testing includes full parameters tested for your water. We partner with Tap Score water analysis laboratories to bring you the best water analysis and lab service available on the market. Includes: city water analysis, well water analysis radon screen and coliform/e. coli all done through Tap Score with easy to understand results and recommendations.

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Professional home inspection, building inspection and property inspection for Mid-Missouri, Lake of the Ozarks, Jefferson City, Eldon, Rolla, Columbia, Osage Beach, Camdenton and Lebanon Missouri

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